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How to read a Wall Chart?

   Name	                Rd1	Rd2	Rd3	Rd4	Rd5	Total
   Rating  USCF #	Scores............................. 
1  Benjamin Suite	B9	W5	B6	W7	W3	
   1296   12719544	1.0	1.0	2.0	3.0	4.0	4.0
2  Joseph Godawski	W13	B7	W4	B3	W8
   1145   12753315	1.0	2.0	3.0	3.0	4.0	4.0
3  Richard Benson	B10	W11	B5	W2	B1
   941    12725213	1.0	2.0	3.0	4.0	4.0	4.0
4  Jesse J Ferry	W14	B17	B2	W8	B13
   891    12768002	1.0	2.0	2.0	2.0	3.0	3.0
5  Jaime Guevara	B15	B1	W3	W17	B9
   849    12764275	1.0	2.0	2.0	3.0	4.0	4.0
6  Tim Thompson		W16	B12	W1	W9	B10
   842    12762774	0.5	1.5	1.5	1.5	2.5	2.5

The first row indicates the color and number of the player you played. In round 5, Benjamin Suite (#1) played white against Richard Benson (#3). The second row shows player information (rating and USCF number) and shows your cumulative score by round.

Players are usually listed in the order of their pairing numbers, which are based on their pre-tournament ratings. The pairing number is the number preceding the players name. It is possible for pairing numbers to change if new players enter the tournament, and if they have a higher per-tournament rating than yours. Don’t worry – the computer will adjust all data to keep the information accurate.

Byes that you have requested in advance will be listed on the cross table. If you asked for any byes, please check to make sure they are listed in the correct rounds on the cross table.

Players, parents and coaches should check all the data on the cross tables after each round and report any problems immediately to Tournament Headquarters.