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How to Read a Pairing Chart?

Pairing lists show game assignments for the current round. Shortly before the beginning of each round the Tournament Directors will post in several locations an alphabetical pairing list for each section. Sections will be posted on colored paper and that color will remain the same throughout the entire tournament.

A pairing list shows players their board assignment, color assignment (black or white), and the name of their opponent for the current round. Following is a short sample list of alphabetical pairings:

Sample State Tournament-Elementary Championship SectionBoard Assignments for Round 3
Player  Color Opponent Board #
Ballom, Stephanie Black Gomm, Clayton (934) on board 405
Black, Nick Black Morone, Ryan (895) on board 409
Cardinale, Cooper White Sullivan, Joshua (939) on board 403
Dixon, Ryan T White Symank, Mark (880) on board 406
Gomm, Clayton White Ballom, Stephanie(904) on board 405
Greig, Brett White Trammell, Tim (870) on board 407
Harry, Mason Roy Black Ross, Travis (965) on board 401
Martin, Taylor N White Pernes, Meagan (1003) on board 402
Mayes, Jonathan D Black Searway, Ben (876) on board 404
Maynard, John Black Pernes, Tyler (769 on board 408
Morone, Ryan White Black, Nick (636) on board 409
Pernes, Meagan Black Martin, Taylor N (990) on board 402
Pernes, Tyler White Maynard, John (955) on board 408
Ross, Travis White Harry, Mason Roy 1036) on board 401
Searway, Ben White Mayes, Jonathan (1200) on board 404
Sullivan, Joshua Black Cardinale, Cooper(635) on board 403
Symank, Mark Black Dixon, Ryan T (914) on board 406
Trammell, Tim Black Greig, Brett (799) on board 407
Whittaker, Daryn BYE

To read a pairing list, first find your name in the alphabetized column on the left. The next column is the color you will be playing, the 3rd column is the name of your opponent and the last column is the board number where you will play your game. On the sample above, please note that Daryn Whittaker has a BYE. E was assigned a bye because there was an odd number of players in his section. He will receive a full point for the bye just as if he had played and won his game. Note that unpaired is not the same as a BYE. Unpaired usually means that a player has been withdrawn from that section. If this is a mistake, please inform the tournament staff as soon as possible.