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Parent's and Coaches Duties

Parents and coaches are very important to the smooth operation of any scholastic chess tournament. Please read the following list of parents’ and coaches’ duties. If you have any questions, feel free to see a Tournament Director.

  1. At time of registration, you should provide complete written information on all students who will be attending the event. If you need to make any corrections, make sure all necessary forms are completed during the registration period.
  2. Communicate with Tournament Directors about any scheduling issues. If for any reason a player needs to skip a round or will be late for a round, you MUST inform Tournament Headquarters (prior to the beginning of the tournament if possible).

  3. If a player must withdraw from the tournament because of an emergency or illness, notify Tournament Headquarters ASAP.

  4. Offer moral support to your players. Berating a child after a loss won’t help their self esteem.

  5. Make sure your players exhibit good sportsmanship. Set a good example by refraining from bragging about your students’ victories or agonizing about their losses. Hazing, taunting, or otherwise harassing other players and/or teams is prohibited. No player, coach, or parent should use offensive language at any time.

  6. Provide instruction for your players before and after the rounds. No instruction may take place during the round. No player should have any communication with you until after the game is over.

  7. Help your players find their pairings on the posted pairing sheet, and help them find the right boards. Help them set their clocks if necessary.

  8. Check the cross tables for accuracy and report any errors to Tournament Headquarters.

  9. It is extremely important that all players from the same team have the exact same team code. If the codes are not identical, the computer will not consider all your players to be on the same team, which will make a big difference in your team standings. Report any differences to Tournament Headquarters immediately.

  10. As players complete their games make sure they have turned in their results.

  11. Make sure your players stay out of trouble at the hotel and that they do not disturb the tournament site, other players or hotel guests.

  12. Stay on-site or arrange for another adult supervisor to stay on-site to supervise your players. Tournament officials are too busy running the tournament to be responsible for players’ safety and behavior. It is your job to monitor your players’ activities.

  13. Help maintain proper order at the tournament site. Remind the students to pick up and dispose of their own trash and keep up with their chess equipment.

  14. If you would like to help with the tournament, check with someone in Tournament Headquarters to see what you can do to help.

  15. Make sure the players have fun! With the stress of the competition they need to unwind and relax after their games.

  16. No players will be allowed in the tournament hall in a bathing suit. All players must be dressed properly (shoes and shirts required).

In case of a question go to Tournament Headquarters.